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Tying Heaven & Earth Together (lyrics)


Wake Up to Life


My head starts spinning 6am or before

I've got a thousand bags to pack lined up on the floor

A quick kiss goodbye and then I'm out the door

I already feel the tension


I grab two minutes here to stop and pray

To ask my God for His protection all throughout my day

I've got my bases covered now I'm on my way

But my life is one big cliché


'Cause I'm still sleeping and there's no doubt

My heart is crying out for me to



Wake up to life

Open my eyes to the realness all around me

To love deeper, live truer, to make it not about me

I've got to wake up, wake up, wake up to life


I stagger through my day without a moment to burn

To smell the flowers, hold my children, find a lesson to learn

As if my busy pace will somehow help me earn

The privilege of breathing


I think it may be time to set aside agenda

Just to sing a praise or maybe send a letter

To a friend who needs a shoulder and let it not depend on

What I need to do today


'Cause while I'm sleeping, heaven knows,

I'll miss what matters most – I've got to




I want to live my life in its intended fashion

Cultivating truth, embracing passion

For the One who gives me every breath until my last one

And when He comes for me, I'm going to






Like The Snow


Sometimes I wanna be like the snow

Falling from the sky colored indigo

A blanket of cool on the angry hearts

Covering the dirt in a work of art

Filling in the holes with a brand new start

I wanna be like the snow


But sometimes I'd rather be a flame of fire

Stoked by the fuel of my own desires

Selfishly burning through the flowers and brush

And anything I deem to not matter much

So dangerous and beautiful you'd dare not touch

If I were a flame of fire


'Cause all the would be's that could be

They allude me

I have a hard time settling in


So perhaps I should blow in like the wind

Just check in on life then blow out again

Maybe as a breeze on the calm, blue sea

Maybe as a cyclone of misery

I don't look too close, it's all the same to me

If I'm blowin' like the wind


'Cause all the would-be's that could be

They allude me

I have a hard time settling in

A hard time settling in


'Cause the wind may fan that fire's flame

But the snow will cool the burn

Like every step I take away from You

Only leads me to return

To the home of the heat that's inside of me

To the purposeful breeze of eternity

To the merciful touch of purity

That makes me like the snow

I wanna be like the snow

God, make me like the snow



Looking for Rainbows


In a pretty blue dress, with her hair soaking wet

Dancing barefoot through wild flower blooms

She turns round and round. She's lost in the sound

As the rain pitter-patters a tune

Her sweet little hands reach up for the sky

She doesn't mind the rain at all, 'cause she's



Looking for rainbows and trying to catch her a promise in the sky

Looking for rainbows a sign that assures her one day she will fly


From bare feet to heels, no one knows how she feels

And life's not at all what it seemed

The books and the boys, all the nonsense and noise

Tend to rain on ambitions and dreams

Now the storm in her soul rages on through the night

But tomorrow will be a new day




She's praying for her turn to fly


A few turns on the world and somehow that girl

Finds that youth is now calling my bluff

So I'm up with the dawn, writing this song

'Cause some dreams just can't last long enough

And even in tears I still look to the clouds

'Cause I haven't given up yet







Lord, You know there are times I try to look You in the eyes

To bring You right down to my size

Or maybe just a little bit smaller

I see You some days, Lord, like a picture in my locket

I shrink You down to fit You in my pocket

To save You for a rainy day, but then You

Testify – and Lord God, tell it all

My vision's much too small

For this God who's ever-seeing

The only reason for my being is to



Magnify, with every breath I lift Your name up high

To know the majesty of everything You do

Lord, let me magnify You


Your greatness all begins when a heart so badly stained

Meets a God who cannot be contained

By the rules of His creation

You grow a little bigger now and Your eternal love's displayed

When I remember all the things I prayed and recognize Your answer

Testify – Jesus, set me straight

Help me anticipate

All the water-walking I will do

When I give the glory back to You




You're standing taller now, Jesus

Reach down and take this pride from me

Your love is getting stronger now, so

Rearrange my heart to what it should be

Your story's getting clearer now

You're calling me to testify

'Cause if flowers, trees, skies and seas

Can proclaim Your majesty, so can I

So can I







I am a law unto myself

I am the center of my universe

And it makes me numb


Satiated by a dream

I've been medicated by the mainstream

With its silver tongue


And I've been comfortable too long

This bubble's just about to burst

'Cause there's a Spirit voice that's calling me

And He's calling me to hurt



To be bathed in the tears of the broken ones

To lift the burden of those we've left behind

To taste the sweetness in suffering for my fellow man

To hear him cry and to mingle his tears with mine


What would justice call me to

Wouldn't compassion prompt my heart to love

Until I bleed

To somehow, follow my Messiah's lead




Though I be cast out among the outcasts

Lord, help me to stand for those who can't stand at all

And to embrace their disgrace

To hold it in my heart

Until the day when you can't tell us apart


I'll be bathed in the tears of the broken ones

Hand in hand with the ones we've left behind

And I'll taste the sweetness in suffering for my fellow man

To hear his cry and mingle his tears

He won't cry alone anymore 'cause his tears are mine



Unto You


You made the plan even before I turned away

You knew there'd come a day when I would seek You

You wove my tapestry, You shouted through my shame

Now to the glory of Your name, my God I greet You

And I open up my heart to let You in

I give You all my heart


When I resided in a dark and wicked place

You brought me parallel to grace, oh, Lord, I need You

And though at times I doubt, You're always on my side

Your voice from far and wide says, “Child, I love you.”

And so I lift my soul unto You

My soul is lifted up



Unto You

Be the honor and glory forever

Tying heaven and earth together

Praise abounds in empassioned sounds

Unto You

Be the praise for the love You are showing

May these lips never cease to flow in

Sacred songs of the ransomed ones

Unto You


You've hidden mysteries that I have yet to find

Would You open up my mind to embrace them

And let me know like You the power to forget

My sins and my regrets, 'cause You've erased them

Now I willingly give my life to You

All my life a sacrifice




You are my rescue

In Your love I find my value

You have saved me

Washed me, raised me up





Grave Robber


Shadow-friends gone, for no light here is found

Just me and my soul, chained to this hole

My form decays in this place I am bound

Tethered to dust

Hear me, You must



Great grave robber, steal me away

Steal me away

Great grave robber, steal me away

Steal me away


Rattling dry bones, I wait for the feast

For light to creep in with deep healing winds

Breath for the slain ones, oh let darkness cease

Open the clasp

Free me at last




For I am a treasure encased in this sand

But I can feel the warmth of Your hand

Pull me to Your side

Pull me close to Your side





Better By Far (written by Stacy Hildebrand)


When I think about the place that's been prepared for me

It's all that I can do to keep a hold on me

There's an emptiness this life can't fill


I am with You every morning and at the close of day

I can't see You with my eyes, but You're not far away

Lord, I pray the day this faith shall be sight

With all of my might



It's better by far, better by far

To be at home knowing my roaming days are done

In the throne room of Your grace

All Your children face to face with Your Son


When forever's just begun


I've a vapor's worth of time to spend here on the ground

When my voice's echo fades, there'll be few who heard the sound

And it feels just like a distant dream

In the meantime, I have plenty in the work You've given me

As Your instrument, Your purpose is as plain as it can be

And when I feel as though I'm swept downstream

I'm reminded once again




To live is Christ, to die is gain . . .





Cry Your Name


You are the hand in the dark and You always reach me

You are the Great Creator's touch

A gentle voice to teach me everything I need


You are the writer of my tale in its brilliant scripting

You are the lover of my soul

Your song is tempting me to be fully known and free



Your Spirit beckons me to cry Your name – Jesus

As all creation echoes out the same – Savior

Messiah, Lord, Everlasting Word


You hold the mighty in Your hand

If you crush, they crumble

You house the power of the storm

The terrible rumble, the healing rain

To wash me clean again




My heart's been far away, but here today

I give it back to You

Lord, listen as I sing

You are the truth that breathes

The fire that purifies


My maker and my king, my everything





The Difference



He was a dirty little orphan boy

With his heart set on a special Christmas toy

But he knew the wars around him wouldn't let that dream come true

She was a high school girl all of seventeen

With a shoebox of goodies and a card filled with pristine prayers

From a world away

When his heart spoke, she knew

And, oh, she imagined the joy on his face

When he held those matchbox cars and crayons

And felt God's own embrace


And he'll never know her name

He'd never know if she passed him one day

She drifted through his life like a heavenly mystery

But someday on the other side

He'll take her hand and confide

Your love made all the difference in me”


She slept on the stoop at the mission door

Running from the life she'd known before

She was cold and empty, all she believed had been broken down

In a dream she thought that she could feel

Some hands wrap a coat around her shoulders

Could this be real

She opened her eyes just in time to see them disappear into the crowd

And, oh, her faith was restored like new

She figured if some stranger can love like that

Maybe God can, too


And she'll never know their names

She wouldn't know if they passed her one day

They drifted through her life like a heavenly mystery

But someday on the other side

She'll take their hands and confide

Your love made all the difference in me”


And, oh, don't we all have a story of how

One beautiful simple act

Led us to where we are now


I was a brokenhearted college girl

Hurting and alone in my big new world

She was just some sweet little old lady

Standing in the grocery aisle

But she saved my life with her kind words and a smile


And I'll never know her name

Never know if she passed me one day

She drifted through my life like a heavenly mystery

But someday on the other side

I'm gonna seek her out and confide

Your love made all the difference

It was God's love in you

And that love made all the difference in me”





You made this voice for Your praises

And these lips to honor Your name

But I've been tongue-tied cursing others

And I've done little more than complain

And I know, that shouldn't be


You fashioned these hands for Your service

To bind up the wounds of the weak

But I've had no time for the poor man

Or to embrace the soul shrouded in grief

And I know, that shouldn't be


I've earned the chastisement that's coming

Your discipline bound up in love

But be gentle with Your wayward child



I am breakable

In the shadow of this unmistakeable power

That flows from Your hand

When You deal with me

Father, let it be

In the patience of knowing that, Lord, I'm still growing

And learning to trust You in full

I'm just so breakable


You created these feet for Your gospel

To follow the way of the cross

But I've walked the wide road of darkness

Down paths of innocence lost

And I know that shouldn't be


I've earned the chastisement that's coming

Your correction that leads me back home

Oh, but, Lord, let Your justice be kind




So I fall down before You, these tears on my face

They wait for Your cleansing, the touch of Your grace

My solace is knowing that You're on my side

And that You love me

Even though I am . . .




All lyrics copyright 2011 Jennifer Hildebrand Music.  All rights reserved.

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