Jennifer Hildebrand

. . . songs of faith and life . . .


A story within The Story:  that’s how Texas singer/songwriter Jennifer Hildebrand envisions each new song, carefully pointing out the sacred plot and crafting it into something that may just force you to tap your toe at times.  Each song has a life and a story all its own.

In her latest full-length album, Soul in Paraphrase, Jennifer brings her folk rock sound a bit further into the depths of human experience, relationships and redemption.  Built upon lyrics dripping with emotion, coloring each page of this tale, Jennifer lends her rich vocals and memorable writing style to songs of seeking love, muddling through pain without a why and finding a God that is bigger than all the failings and doubts.  “Because all of this”, as she sees it, “is just a small, purposeful part of His Story.”

Amidst chaos and loss and longing for a life less about rushing and more about receiving the gift of each day, Jennifer put pen to paper to create what became SOUL.  In just a few of these new offerings, she ponders the life lesson taught by a deformed yet thriving ancient oak (Live Around the Pain), witnesses to a whimsical truth in a paper airplane’s flight (Paper Airplane) and absorbs the metaphor buried within a summer thunderstorm (God of Lightning).  But she never leaves us without a sense of encouragement, and that quickly becomes apparent to listeners who carefully “read” these story songs.  Together we go weeping into the truth of self-discovery, the good and the bad, to finally reach up and take hold of the promised glory rooted in redemption. 

For years, Jennifer has enjoyed personally relating these songs in homes, churches and other larger venues.  Her powerful voice and honesty of lyric help create a safe space, making room for one story to connect to the narrative of others in elaborate but sweetly organic communion.

Jennifer’s days are currently beautifully messy writing in several arenas, performing any chance she gets and living life with her husband, three quickly-out-growing-her kids, an old cat and a high-maintenance dog.    She is also involved with the DFW-based Traffick911 and the fight to end domestic minor sex trafficking and to identify and restore victims of that crime. 


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"Because Your love is better than life . . ."